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Friday, July 25, 2008

Lead Generation--How to Build an Email List of Prospects

Use the resources and ideas below and in a year’s time you can easily have a thousand
email addresses of investors in your area. Then, just use a dripping system like this client newsletter to email them each month and turn them into clients. You can stay in front of prospects for peanuts and have a continuous drip campaign. These contacts will not only lead to new clients but also:
• Invitations to speak at their clubs
• Invitations to write articles for their newsletter
• Referrals to others not even on your list

1) Get Email Lists from Your Existing Clients
In addition to asking your clients for their email address, ask your clients for list of
email addresses they may have. They may be willing to share them with you or make a
solicitation for you. For example, say you have a client that belongs to the local garden club with 250 members. Your client may be happy to give you a copy of that list or solicit the members on your behalf with something like the following email:

Dear Folks,
Bob Smith has been my financial advisor for the last three years. He has an excellent
newsletter for us seniors called “SeniorFinances” and you can get a free subscription.
Each issue contains articles on where to invest for more income, items on insurance like
long-term care, tips on reducing your income taxes and estate planning, etc. To get a
free email subscription, just click here.
Stu Svenson

2) Rent a an Email List
Just like you can rent mailing lists for sending mail, you can rent millions email
Addresses targeted to specific investors. Of course, you may only want those in your area and you can select those you desire by zip code.
At your library, you can find a copy of the “SRDS” Direct Marketing List Source (your
library may have this service on-line from a PC at the library).
If they have the physical books, find the section with the email lists and look down the
directory for lists that contain people with money, such as

  • People who take cruises
  • People who own luxury cars
  • People who gave large political contributions

Most of these lists area available by zip code and by age of person.
In the details of the list, you want the lists that offer a zip code selection so you can email to only those prospects in your area.

Please note that unlike regular mailing lists, email list vendors usually will not give you the list. They will want to do the email for you. So you are not going to be emailing them the newsletter. Rather you are going to be emailing them a solicitation to subscribe to your newsletter. It is those people who respond that you will add to your email newsletter list. Once they respond you then "own" that email address.

We have prepared the email text to send to a rented list below.

Don’t let the wrong financial advisor take advantage of you! Get your FREE subscription to SeniorFinances Newsletter, designed especially for people (describe your target prospect) Don’t be in the dark about your money!
Easy to read articles on:
Ways to reduce your taxes that you won’t hear from your accountantHow to steer clear of “sucker” mutual fundsSafe income investments that pay you 6% and MOREHow to slash taxes on your IRA withdrawals by 50%Understand long term care insurance before you buyHow different types of annuities work and which can help youHow to get cash for your old life insurance policy (more than your insurance company will pay)The big difference between bonds and bond funds that many retirees don’t realizeHow to identify hidden fees in your mutual fundsAnd much more on taxes, IRAs, annuities, long term care, investing for income,insurance and every phase of finances that affects people (description of your target market).

Receive SeniorFinances FREE every month:
Just hit reply to this email and then in your reply provide your information below to get your subscription:
Your Name:
Your zip code

3) Inexpensive Ads on Local Web Sites

There are dozens of web sites focused on specific groups in your area. Just for fun,
we did a search on “Columbus Ohio Senior.” Here’s what we got without looking any
further:—a web site for Ohio retirees—$49 a month for a banner ad—the senior page of Ohio’s web
magazine—$20 a month—the Aging in Ohio web site—the site for local Navy retirees—the Retiree Association of the Ohio State Patrol
The ads are very inexpensive ($20 -$50 per month) and thousands of seniors can see your
ad to subscribe to your free senior newsletter.

4) Subscribe to Our National Internet Marketing Service (if your target prospect is the 50+ crowd)

The SeniorLeads™ service advertise on all of the national senior web sites asking seniors if they want free financial information on retirement issues.
If you subscribe for that service, we provide you the leads for your area.

5) Have a Sign-Up Form on Your Own Website

If you have your own website, be sure to promote the newsletter on the site and have lots
of places where they can sign up for it. Promote your website using Google pay per click on a local basis.