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Friday, August 15, 2008

The Best Stock You Can Ever Own

Why buy someone else’s stock? Can you trust their management’s intelligence, ethics and honest financial reporting? Will you see them on the nightly news, behind bars after they’ve used the shareholder’s money as a personal piggy bank? The person you most trust is yourself, so why not create your own stock? In fact, you already have; it’s the equity in your business and this article shows you how to make that stock the best equity investment you have ever owned. Being a financial advisor or insurance professional is the best possible business with infinite leverage.

Would you consider annual returns of 200% to 900% fairly attractive? Microsoft would kill to get these returns which are easy for you. Here’s how to get those kind of mafia-sized returns while being totally honest, completely legal, and serving your clients:

Step One: Invest $2,000 to do a seminar and earn $20,000+ in commissions; a 900% return. (if these numbers do not reflect your experience with seminars you simply need to market them correctly so hire a consultant or buy a system). I know hundreds of advisors who have done this regularly throughout their career. One well-executed seminar raises $1 million of new money (when done correctly!) Depending on the mix of your business, how much you earn will vary from one million of assets, but it’s conservative to say that those assets are worth at least 2 % to you or $20,000. Doubt that you can do that well? It is indeed very possible so get on Google and find the right seminar system and get going.

Step Two: Invest $35,000 to hire an assistant to increase your income by $150,000; a 300% return. If you don’t have an assistant, you need to hire one. If you already have a service assistant, it’s time to hire a sales assistant. Already have two assistants? How can you profitably employ a third -- to arrange appointments for you with CPAs, attorneys or other referral sources? To get you speaking engagements at local companies or organizations? To call and book appointments for you?

The only barrier to how large you grow your business is your insistence on keeping it small. The only difference between Ray Kroc and the McDonald brothers was that Ray Kroc had the vision of thousands of locations and the McDonald brothers could envision only a regional group of outlets. The McDonald brothers sold out to Ray for $1 million each. Ray took their business and turned it into billions and billions. How big is your vision?

How large (or small) are you willing to go? Every time you think you could increase your business if only you had time to do “x,” it’s time to hire some help and do “x.” Scared? You should be—that’s the sign that you’re onto something meaningful. If you don’t get scared about your business at least annually, you’re not growing at the rate you could.

Step Three: Invest $500 in an annuity ad, gross $5,000: a 900% return. We've have shown thousands of advisors how to run compelling small ads in local publications and offer a booklet about a specific topic. The well-written booklet convinces the prospect that you are an expert so that when you call them you’re not a sales person, you’re an expert. The result is a 20% appointment ratio.
Here are the numbers:
• 2 ads in that each cost $250 in 2 senior publications=$500• Calls received 20-30• Appointments made 4-6 (20% of callers)• Sales made 2-3 annuities at $50,000 each
You will actually make far more than the $5,000 of commission indicated in the previous paragraph but let’s use that figure and the 900% return as the conservative assumption or worst case. This lead system has now been converted to the Internet and is even easier to implement.

Why invest in stocks when you already are the 100% shareholder in the most lucrative company you can find?