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Monday, June 9, 2008

More Field Marketing Organizations Choose Javelin Marketing

In recent weeks, three insurance FMOs (field marketing organizations) have chosen Javelin Marketing to assist their insurance agents, annuity producers and LTC producers with insurance leads , annuity leads and long term care leads. A research study by Javelin Marketing found that the #1 challenge of insurance and financial producers is finding new clients. Javelin Marketing created the SeniorLeads(tm) service to solve this problem.

(full survey at

The Internet-based SeniorLeads service provides three benefits to annuity agents and insurance agents:

The consumers must take the initiative to log onto the Internet, find the advertisement, and divulge their personal information. So the consumers are already identified as interested and motivated.

Before speaking to the consumer, the annuity agent, insurance agent or financial advisor sends a booklet (supplied by Javelin Marketing) branded for the producer, which establishes the producer's credibility.

The producer is coached to success with pre-recorded scripts and twice weekly coaching to gain maximum success from the program. Comments from advisors using the system are located at