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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

To Gain Clients, Differentiate Yourself

There is no reason for a prospect to choose you. No reason that is unless you look better or superior than their other choices. You can easily differentiate yourself with info-documents. Steve Van Yoder, author of "Get Slightly Famous" says:

“Free info-documents that address your target market are effective marketing tools when they offer quick, concise solutions to common problems, challenges and concerns.”

That's the method we use at Javelin Marketing to have the financial advisor stand out. We have them send the prospect a well-written booklet on a topic that the prospect has requested. The booklet is prepared with the financial advisor's name, photo and credentials on the front cover. When the prospect receives the booklet, the advisor gains instant credibility and stature in the prospect's eyes (note that the booklet clearly discloses that the booklet was written by Javelin Marketing and is thereby compliant with FINRA rules on published materials).

The advisor using credibility-gaining tools before ever speaking to the prospect has a significant differentiation advantage and is far more likely to have a new client.

Javelin Marketing booklet